'Almost Easy' 6/4 Double Kick Groove

A double kick groove that adds four sixteenth notes into a simple 6/4 groove.

In this lesson you will be learning a rock/metal groove inspired by the song Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold. The groove in question comes in right at the start of the song and is quite a quick one bar common time 6/4 pattern where the right hand plays a crash and a run of sixteenth note kicks is placed towards the end of the bar. If you have covered some of our other level 3 double kick grooves and exercises this should actually be fairly straight forward.

The groove looks like this:

The almost easy intro groove

A good way to approach this groove is to split it into two smaller sections. The first four beats of the bar actually just make a very simple level 0 groove, then beats 5 and 6 are a relatively simple level 3 Four Sixteenths double kick groove. So as with most groove construction methods, you are just combining a couple of very simple patterns you have learned previously.

Listed below are a couple of variations you could apply that will mix the part up a bit.

Variation 1

A very simple way to mix this groove up is to move the placement of the four sixteenth note kicks. Here they are played right at the start of the bar.

A variation on the almost easy groove

Variation 2

More obvious variations such as moving the right hand can be easily applied here. The right hand is shown on the ride below.

A variation on the almost easy groove

Variation 3

This version is an example of a subtle fill that could be built based on the groove. The crashes are placed in an eighth note 332 rhythm over the first four beats of the bar.

A variation on the almost easy groove

Variation 4

A similar idea to variation 3 is shown here. The orchestration around the first two bits has been switched and four sixteenth note splashes are played with the kicks on beat 5. These splashes would work well on a ride bell, chime or hi hats also.

A variation on the almost easy groove

Variation 5

This example is only loosely based on the orginal groove. It is basically that same part, with the right on a china, with a lot of extra double kick added in.

A variation on the almost easy groove


  1. Learn all exercises upto a tempo of at least 176bpm, which is the speed of the song.
  2. Create further variations on the original part.
  3. Apply the groove to a four or eighth bar phrase.
  4. Try playing a long to the avenged sevenfold song and work out some of the other parts played in the song.