16th Note '33332' Syncopated Fills In 7/8

Using set blocks of sixteenth notes to construct fairly simple fills in this time signature.

This 7/8 fill construction idea is essentially taking the 332 Fill Construction idea previously used in 4/4 and applying it to 7/8. If you look back over that lesson it will give you the basic idea that will be applied in this lesson. We also have a similar lesson applying the concept To 5/8.

As hopefully you are aware of now, when the term '33332' is used that is telling you that the notes within this phrase are going to be blocked in those specific groupings. So you will start with 3 sixteenth notes, followed by another three groups 3 sixteenth notes and finally a block of 2 sixteenth notes. Each of those 'blocks' or phrases will make a distict pattern that is repeated through the bar, creating a syncopated feel. The grouping for all fills on this page is this:

The rhythm for these fills.

Listed below are several ideas using this concept in various different ways. Different stickings have also been included and these are notated when the part comes away from single strokes. A Standard Triplet sticking is quite common within this pattern for the blocks of three. In some cases the block of 4 at the end is broken down further into two blocks of two.

Example 1

A Syncopated 7/8 Fill

Example 2

A Syncopated 7/8 Fill

Example 3

A Syncopated 7/8 Fill

Example 4

A Syncopated 7/8 Fill

Example 5

A Syncopated 7/8 Fill

Example 6

A Syncopated 7/8 Fill


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises upto a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  2. Play a four bar phrase in 7/8 where the fourth contains a 334 style fill. Repeat this phrase over.
  3. Create your own 16th note 7/8 fills using this phrasing, write down any that you really like.
  4. Create variations on the given examples.