Sticking For The Flam Accent In 6/8

Applying this simple eight note triplet sticking within the new time signature.

The flam accent is a triplet based rudiment that combines a single stroke triplet and flam to accent numbered counts. In a previous lesson you have covered this in the time signature of 4/4 and in this lesson you will be switching this to 6/8. If you have covered the 4/4 version of this lesson the exercises given here will be much easier and you can find this linked at the bottom of the page. The intention of this lesson is to familiarize you with the new time signature and how this sticking moves within it.

The flam accent is a six note movement that, when played as eighth notes, fits really nicely into this new time signature. Listed below are two versions of the flam accent applied to the time signature of 6/8, the first played as eighth notes and the second as sixteenths.

Exercise 1

A Flam Accent in 6/8 played as eighth notes.

A Flam Accent in 6/8 played as eighths.

Exercise 2

A Flam Accent in 6/8 played as sixteenth notes.

A Flam Accent in 6/8 played as sixteenths.


  • Learn the patterns up to a temp of at least 130bpm.
  • Add feet to the parts.
  • Orchestrate the parts.
  • Apply the sticking to other time signatures.
  • Apply different rudiment stickings in 6/8.