This Weeks Free Drum Lesson Content - 30th May 2016

This weeks lessons will all be on the topic of using double kick. Every day a new groove or fill construction idea will be added where double kick is used in various different ways. Content will be relatively simple and will only be using eighth and sixteenth notes so should be great for those of you relatively new to this technique who want to learn some cool patterns that aren't overly fast or complicated. That said, if you have been playing double kick for a while there may still be something useful here, especially if you start double tempos.

Here's what's coming up:

  • Monday - Constant 8ths and 16ths in 3/4 grooves
  • Tuesday - Constructing fills with eighth note double kick under straight rolls
  • Wednesday - Galloping '1 +a' double kick grooves
  • Thursday - Constructing fills with sixteenth note double kick under straight rolls
  • Friday - Creating syncopated grooves using blocks of four sixteenth note kicks played over groups of three eighth notes
  • Saturday - One bar fills following a six note 4 Hands - 2 Feet type pattern
  • Sunday - '1e+' Foot ostinato grooves